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  • 100% Polyester Super Soft Fleece Velboa 200gsm Crystal Velvet Fabric for Neck Pillow/Fluffy Toys/Bedding Set

    100% Polyester Super Soft Fleece Velboa 200gsm ...

    Velvet is best described as fabric that has a raised yarn throughout the surface of the textile with a soft, plush feeling and look. Velvet pile, or the raised fibers, usually caress your hand upon touching the textile.  There’s a reason for why velvet fabric is so widely loved in all places of the world – because it’s soft, smooth, warm, and luxurious. With a history that dates back to the 14th century, velvet has always been popular – especially in its most traditional forms. Those forms were often made from pure silk, which made them extremely valuable and highly coveted along the Silk Road. At that time, it was considered one of the most prized fabrics in the world, and was often associated with pure royalty.

  • Warp Knitted 100% Polyester Various Color Optional Velvet Lining Fabric for Helmet Lining

    Warp Knitted 100% Polyester Various Color Optio...

    Velvet fabric adopts high-quality veil. The raw materials are mainly 80% cotton and 20% polyester, 20% cotton and 80% cotton, 65t% and 35C%, and bamboo fiber cotton.

    The organizational structure of velvet is usually weft knitted terry, which can be divided into ground yarn and terry yarn. It is often made of different raw materials such as cotton, eyelet, viscose silk, polyester and nylon. According to different purposes, different raw materials can be used for weaving.

  • Customized Size Roll Packing Wear Resistant PU Coated Artificial Leather

    Customized Size Roll Packing Wear Resistant PU ...

    Artificial leather is made of foamed or coated PVC and Pu with different formulas on the basis of textile cloth or non-woven cloth. It can be processed according to the requirements of different strength, color, luster and pattern.

    It has the characteristics of a wide variety of designs and colors, good waterproof performance, neat edge, high utilization rate and relatively cheap price compared with leather, but the hand feel and elasticity of most artificial leather can not reach the effect of leather. In its longitudinal section, you can see fine bubble holes, cloth base or surface film and dry man-made fibers.

  • Nylon Spandex Rib Solid Color Dyed Swimwear Knitted Fabric

    Nylon Spandex Rib Solid Color Dyed Swimwear Kni...

    Nylon spandex fabric has excellent wear resistance. It is not easy to be damaged and washable after being made into clothes. Nylon spandex fabric will not shrink under normal wear and washing. Secondly, the elasticity of nylon is better than that of polyester, ranking first in synthetic fibers, which can be used in the production of swimsuits. Nylon spandex fabric itself has good moisture absorption, so the clothes will have good comfort when wearing, and there will be no stuffy feeling. Some mountaineering clothes and sportswear are made of nylon fabrics.

  • Fire Resistant 40% Cotton Bird Eye Mesh Interlock Fabric for Sportswear

    Fire Resistant 40% Cotton Bird Eye Mesh Interlo...

    The characteristics of face cloth, double-sided cloth is also called cotton wool cloth (English interlock), also known as double rib. Usually, the most common cotton wool sweater and underwear are made of this kind of fabric. It is a kind of weft knitted fabric. Only the front coil can be seen on both sides of the fabric. The fabric is soft and thick with good lateral elasticity, which is suitable for making cotton sweater, underwear and sportswear.

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