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Fabric knowledge

Fabric knowledge

Fabric knowledge (1)

Cotton fabrics

1.Pure cotton: Skin-friendly and comfortable, absorbing sweat and breathable, soft and not stuffy
2.Polyester-cotton: Polyester and cotton blended, softer than pure cotton, not easy to fold, but love pilling permeability and sweat absorption is not as good as pure cotton
3.Lycra cotton: Lycra (a kind of artificial elastic fiber) and cotton blend, comfortable to wear, wrinkle resistant, not easy to deformation
4.Mercerized cotton: high-grade cotton as raw material, high gloss, light and cool, not easy to fade, moisture absorption, no deformation
5.Ice cotton: Cotton coated, thin, non-permeable, non-shrinking, breathable, cool, soft to the touch
6.Modal: Skin-friendly, dry and breathable, suitable for undergarments

Fabric knowledge (4)

Hemp fabric

7.Flax: also called flax, good moisture absorption, anti-static, wear skin refreshing breathable, suitable for close-fitting wear in summer
8.Reed hemp: Fiber gap is large, breathable and cool, sweat absorption and quick drying
9.Cotton and linen: suitable for personal clothing, warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-static, no curling, comfortable, anti-itching, breathable
10.Apocynum: Wear-resistant, rot resistant, moisture absorption is very good

Silk fabrics

11.Mulberry silk: soft and smooth, good heat resistance ductility, warm in winter and cool in summer, the surface of the fabric is very shiny
12.Silk: Feel comfortable and soft, draping and skin-friendly, wearing a high-level feeling, cool and good moisture absorption and release
13.Crepe de chine: soft and bright color, elastic, comfortable and breathable

Fabric knowledge (2)

Chemical fiber fabrics

14.Nylon: moisture absorption and wear resistance, good elasticity, easy deformation and fold, no ball
15.Spandex: ELASTICITY is very BIG, STRENGTH and moisture absorption is poor, easy to break silk, before the small black pants with this kind of material
16.Dacron: chemical fiber industry big brother, once popular “Dacron” is it, now almost eliminated
17.Acrylic fiber: commonly known as artificial wool, elasticity is more warm than wool, not suitable for personal wear

Fabric knowledge (3)

Plush fabric

Cashmere: texture, warm, comfortable and breathable, the disadvantage is the love of static electricity, short service life

Wool: fine and soft, suitable for personal clothing, hang texture advanced, the disadvantage is to wear for a long time will appear felt reaction

Ps: The difference between cashmere and wool

“Cashmere” is a layer of cashmere that grows on the skin surface of [goat] to resist the cold wind in winter. It gradually falls off in spring and is collected by comb

“Wool” is the hair of a sheep, which is shaved directly

Cashmere is 1.5~2 times warmer than wool and wool yields much more than cashmere

So the price of cashmere is much higher than wool

Mohair: Angora goat hair, the output is very low, belongs to the luxury goods, hundreds of pieces on the market is certainly not real/pure mohair, the main goods are basically acrylic imitation

Camel hair: also known as camel hair, refers to the two-humped camel’s body hair, heat preservation is very good, the cost is lower than down

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